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Trish VS Melina 4

This video features a match between Trish and Melina. Both ladies wear very skimpy cutoff white t-shirts and booty shorts. Their first 3 matches were even throughout with both ladies winning the same amount of matches. They decide this match will determine who is the better wrestler with no tricks attached. Melina was not prepared from the start and ends up being dominated by Trish and KO'ed several times. Trish even uses 2 different types of breast smothers within a small period of time that have Melina twitching as she is pinned for the 3-count. Trish gets the win in dominating fashion. Other holds featured are dragon sleeper, multiple types of headscissors holds, multiple types of choke holds, headscissors, chinlock, bearhug, and more. Approximately 16 minutes.