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Trish VS Melina 3

This video features a match between Trish and Melina. Trish is in pink lingerie and Melina is in pink and black lingerie. Melina vows to get revenge on Trish for the humilating match she put her through in their second match. A quick punch to the stomach and a headslam onto the wooden tray has Trish instantely KO'ed for the entire match. Now Melina is getting her revenge and ragdolls and humiliates Trish. She talks a lot of trash throughout the video. After a long hand smother Trish starts to twitch and convulse for the rest of the match. Melina decides she has had enough and pins her for the 3-count and gets her revenge. This time its Trish that is KO'ed, twitching, convulsing, and humiliated. Other holds featured are dragon sleeper, choke, iron claw hold, breast smother, headscissors, sleeperhold, cobra clutch, bearhug, and more. Approximately 14 minutes.