High Definition Downloadable Video

Trish VS Melina 2

This video features a match between Trish and Melina. Trish is in a purple and black sundress and Melina is a pink skirt and skimpy white top. Melina gets completely humiliated in this match from start to finish. Trish decides to use a wooden tray and slam Melina's head onto it. Melina is KO'ed and completely out. Trish decides to have some fun with Melina and ragdoll her the rest of the match. Trish talks trash to an unconscious Melina for the entire match. After a few more headslams onto the wooden tray Melina starts to twitch and convulse. When Trish decides she has had enough she pins Melina for the 3-count leaving Melina KO'ed, twitching, convulsing, and completely humiliated. Holds featured are multiple different types of back stretches, sleeperholds, choke, headscissors, bearhug, chinlock, cobra clutch, iron claw hold, and more. Approximately 18 minutes.