High Definition Downloadable Video

Trish VS Melina

This video features 2 matches between Trish and Melina. In the first match Trish is a pink bikini and Melina is in a black bikini. The match is even throughout with both ladies KO'ed multiple times. Trish gains the advantage and KO's Melina for the 3-count. Holds used are backstretch and chinlock combo, sleeperholds, headscissors, bearhug, cobra clutch, crossface, and more. In the second match Trish is in a colorful black bikini and Melina is in a very skimpy lime green one piece swimsuit that shows off a lot of cleavage. Again the match is even throughout and both ladies KO'ed multiple times. Melina does the smart thing and decides to use her massive natural breasts to her advantage and breast smother Trish to KO her for the 3-count. Other holds featured are multiple different choke holds, sleeperholds, multiple different headscissor holds, chinlock, and more. Approximately 20 minutes.