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Tessa VS Serena 4

This video features a boxing match between Tessa and Serena. The first lady to knockout their opponent for the 10 count is the winner. Serena makes fun of Tessa and tells her she has heard she has a glass jaw. Tessa says we will see. Tessa completely dominates most of the match and KO's Serena multiple times. But she refuses the 10 count and humiliates Serena by placing her foot on her face. She awakens Serena just to knock her out again and place her foot on her face over and over again. Tessa takes it too far as Serena is able to get in a desperation punch and KO Tessa leaving her on the floor spread eagle. Serena now places her foot on Tessa's face and counts to 10 for the victory. After the match Tessa awakens and tries to get up, but is still dizzy from the KO punch, and collapses once again spead eagle and humiliated. Approximately 11 minutes.