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Tessa VS Serena

Warning--Video Contains Minor Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 3 contests and matches between Tessa and Serena. Tessa is in a red and white bikini and Serena is in black lingerie. First, is a 2 out of 3 bearhug contest to see which lady can get the most submissions. Second, is a wrestling match. Tessa is in the middle of thanking a fan for sponsoring her to wrestle Serena. Serena walks in angry that the fan did not sponsor her and that she is going to punish Tessa this match. Serena completely destroys Tessa by KO'ing her multiple times. And the third, is a another wrestling match. Since Tessa was destroyed by Serena in their first matchup she asks Serena for some advice. Serena shows her a couple of holds that Tessa can put on her as practice. They try a sleeperhold. Tessa ends up keeping the hold on and not letting go and KO's Serena. Serena wakes up upset and Tessa explains it was completely accidental. Serena give her another chance. They try a cobra clutch. Again Tessa does not let go and Serena is once again KO'ed. This time when Serena awakens she immediately takes control and KO's Tessa multiple times. She even brings out the steel sheet and slams Tessa's head onto it after each KO. Tessa is ragdolled and barely conscious the whole match. At the very ended Serena applies a thumb to the neck nerve hold that has Tessa twitching and convulsing and eventually KO'ed. Serena leaves Tessa spread eagle and humiliated. Other holds featured are bearhugs, sleeperholds, dragon sleeper, arm stretch, bodyscissors and iron claw hold combo, bodyscissors and choke combo, cobra clutch, and more. Approximately 29 minutes.