High Definition Downloadable Video

Serena VS The Masked Mauler

This video features a mixed match between Serena and The Masked Mauler. Serena is in a sexy green one piece swimsuit. The match starts off with Serena talking to the camera saying she's heard of the Masked Mauler's domination and that she is here to change that. Soon after the Masked Mauler enters the room carrying the steel sheet and gives Serena a quick knee to the midsection and head slam onto the steel sheet. The match should be over right there as Serena is barely conscious the rest of the match as the Masked Mauler ragdolls here. After each hold the Masked Mauler does a head slam onto the steel sheet on Serena. He even focuses on giving Serena a few thumb to the neck nerve holds. With the impact of the steel sheet and the nerve holds Serena is twitching and convulsing much of the match. Mercifully when the Masked Mauler has decided Serena has had enough he pins her for the 3-count. Other holds used are sleeperholds, dragon sleepers, headscissors, chokes, iron claw hold, and more. Approximately 13 minutes.