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Serena VS Lacey 4

This video features three matches between Serena and Lacey. In the first match both ladies wrestle in tiny white tshirts and bottoms. Serena is stretching as Lacey approaches her wanting a rematch for Serena KO'ing her in their last matchup. Serena is overconfident telling Lacey that she is the strongest and prettier woman. They have a test of strength which Lacey wins. Serena is not too happy as they then have a wrestling match. The match is pretty even until Lacey gets Serena against the wall and gives her multiple belly punches. From then on Serena cannot recover as Lacey pins her for the 5 count. Serena is upset and tells Lacey that belly punches are not wrestling holds and that she challenges her to a submission match. In their second match Serena is in a blue bikini and Lacey is in a pink and purple bikini. The ladies takes turns putting multiple submission holds on each other. Both ladies submit and also are able to escape multiple holds. For the last hold Serena decides to just KO Lacey instead of trying for a submission. Lacey is KO'ed and Serena declares herself the winner. And in the last match both ladies are in lingerie and black hose. Serena tells Lacey that this is a knockout or submission match and anything goes. Lacey accepts and tells Serena that she will knock that smile off of her face. The match is even throughout as both ladies try for the submission or KO. Serena then decides to take the cheating route and pulls out the steel sheet. She delivers 2 straight piledrivers to Lacey. Lacey is KO'ed and finished. Instead of just pinning Lacey right there Serena decides to wake Lacey and apply a sleeperhold to a helpless Lacey. Lacey is KO'ed once again and pinned for the 5 count. Serena stands over Lacey and calls her pathetic and declares herself the better and stronger woman. There is a lot of trash talking in all three matches. Holds featured in all three matches are sleeperholds, piledrivers onto the steel sheet, camel clutch, bearhugs, bodyscissors and sleeperhold combo, cobra clutch, belly and back punches, chokes, chinlocks, multiple different types of headscissors holds, mutliple back, leg, and arm stretches, chokes, full nelsons, and more. Approximately 30 minutes.