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Serena VS Lacey 3

Warning--Video contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features two matches between Serena and Lacey. In the first match Serena is in a yellow bra and orange shorts. Lacey is in a gray bra with black shorts. Serena walks into the room and is upset that Lacey is wearing her black shorts. Lacey responds by saying that she needed to borrow Serena's shorts and didn't want to be walking around in her thong. Serena vows to get her shorts back and leave Lacey in her thong and humiliated. From then on Serena dominates the match. She eventually strips Lacey of her shorts and leaves her in her thong and walks her around like a dog. Then Serena takes off her orange shorts and shows Lacey what a real booty in a thong looks like. There is a lot of trashing talking. Holds and moves featured are crossface, backbreaker, chinlocks, butt spanking and butt claws, full nelson, and more. The second match is a best 2 out of 3 falls with the lady getting the most 5-count pins on her opponent declared the winner. Both ladies struggle hard and try multiple failed pin attempts. Eventually both ladies get a 5-count pin on their opponent. The last fall decides the winner. Both ladies have trouble staying in their tops for all 3 falls. Holds featured are hammerlocks, full nelsons, sleeperholds, full nelsons, dragon sleepers, and more. Approximately 25 minutes.