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Serena VS Kimberly 8

This video features a match between Serena and Kimberly. Serena is in a tiny blue bikini and Kimberly is in black lingerie. The lady that has the most 5-count pins wins the match. There are multiple failed pin attempts along with multiple 5-count pins. The match is even throughout with Serena gaining the advantage and KO'ing Kimberly. Serena then decides to bring out the steel pan to deliver a finishing piledriver on Kimberly. Kimberly catches Serena by surprise and delivers 3 low blows and then delivers a piledriver to Serena that KO's her. Serena is semi-conscious the remainder of the match as Kimberly dominates her and gets the final 5-count pin for the win. Other holds featured are multiple different headscissor holds, bearhugs, breast smothers, and more. Approximately 16 minutes.