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Serena VS Kimberly 5

Warning--Video contains Sheer Lingerie. This video is a rematch between Serena and Kimberly. Serena is in pink lingerie and Kimberly is in sheer white lingerie. The videos starts off with the ladies competing for head cheerleader and telling each other that they will be the head cheerleader. Serena challenges Kimberly to a hand shake grip test of strength. Serena once again dominates and Kimberly submits several times until Serena finally lets go of the handshake. And once again Kimberly is dominated and KO'ed multiple times. Serena starts off by putting Kimberly into an iron claw hold and KO's her. She continues to KO and dominate her with bearhugs, hand chokes, skull crusher, and more. Serena even KO's Kimberly with a reverse upside down bearhug. After each KO Serena twisted Kimberly's toes to awaken her only to KO her again. Kimberly complains the entire match of Serena's strength being too much, that she cannot breathe, that she is being crushed and drained. When the match is over Serena pulls a KO'ed Kimberly onto the couch and makes fun and humiliates her by playing with her face and talking trash. Approximately 15 minutes.