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Serena VS Kimberly 3

This video is a rematch between Serena and Kimberly. Both ladies wrestle in sexy lingerie. They start off by comparing legs and that they have nicer legs than their opponent. Serena has had enough and challenges Kimberly to a test of strength where she beats her. From then on she completely dominates Kimberly by KO'ing her multiple times. Serena puts Kimberly in some humiliating holds and pins. After each KO she wakes her up by twisting her toes and even walks her around like a dog a few time. Kimberly complains the entire match of being crushed, not being able to breathe, and that Serena's strength is too much. Holds featured are bodyscissors, multiple different headscissor holds, bodyscissors and choke combo, and more. Approximately 24 minutes.