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Serena VS Kimberly 11

This video features 2 matches between Serena and Kimberly. In the first match both ladies are in tiny micro bikinis. Kimberly accuses Serena of cheating with her boyfriend. Both ladies compare who has the best body. The wrestling match begins as both ladies put their opponent into multiple holds. Kimberly eventually gains the advantage and gets a submission out of Serena. She then decides to humiliate Serena by walking her around like a dog and gives her a butt spanking. Holds featured are bodyscissors, reverse headscissors, breast smothers, bearhugs, and more. In the next match Serena is in a yellow micro bikini and Kimberly is in black lingerie. Both ladies are arguing over a model job and compare who has the best body. The match is even throughout as both ladies try to get a KO on their opponent. Serena even humiliates Kimberly by walking her around like a dog and also giving her a butt spanking. Serena eventually KO's Kimberly for the win. Serena decides to humiliate Kimberly even more and forces Kimberly to kiss her butt. Approximately 23 minutes.