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Serena VS Kimberly

This video is the first match between Serena and Kimberly. Serena is a black bikini and Kimberly is in black lingerie. Serena tells Kimberly that she is going to squash her and Kimberly tells her to bring it on. From the beginning Serena dominates Kimberly. She starts off by easily overpowering Kimberly in a test of strength and then pins her down for a lengthy period of time by sitting on her stomach. She even bounces on Kimberly's stomach to add to the pressure. Kimberly complains that her ribs are being crushed and that she cannot breathe. Serena makes fun of her the entire match. She continues the punishment by now sitting on Kimberly's chest. And puts her into other pinning holds as she continues to bounce on Kimberly and crush her. Kimberly is eventually KO'ed. Serena awakens her by twisting her toes and puts her into a humiliating leg hook pin until Kimberly can't take it anymore and is KO'ed for the final time. Approximately 18 minutes.