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Serena VS Hollywood Wonder Womyn 2

This video is a continuation of a superheroine match between Serena and Hollywood as Wonder Womyn. Serena dominated and humiliated Wonder Womyn in the first video and left her KO'ed and humiliated in the center of the room. The video starts off with Wonder Womyn starting to wake up. She eventually gets up groggy and looks down and notices that one of her breasts is exposed and quickly covers up and realizes in what a humuliating fashion she was dominated by Serena. She then realizes that Serena made the mistake of leaving her superheroine belt in the room. She quickly grabs it and puts it back on. Wonder Womyn now has all her strength and powers back. She then decides to play possum and lay back down on the floor and pretend to still be KO'ed. Serena walks into the room and notices that Wonder Womyn has her belt on. Wonder Womyn quickly gets up and delivers a right hook that KO's Serena. From then on Serena is completely dominated and humiliated by Wonder Womyn. Serena is KO'ed many times as she pleads for Wonder Womyn to stop punishing her. Wonder Womyn even decides to use her lasso to choke Serena. Wonder Womyn talks a lot of trash. At the very end Wonder Womyn takes her lasso and ties Serena's arms behind her back. Wonder Womyn gets her revenge and leaves Serena KO'ed and humiliated. Holds and moves featured are sleeperhold, figure four, lotus, choke with opponents own arms, belly punches, iron claw hold, foot stomps to the stomach, bearhug, boston crab, grapevine, and more. Approximately 18 minutes.