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Serena VS Hollywood Wonder Womyn

Warning--Video contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video is a superheroine match between Serena and Hollywood as Wonder Womyn. The video starts off with Wonder Womyn talking to the camera on how dominant she is and how easily she can handle the ladies of FemmixWrestling. Serena surprises Wonder Womyn and turns her around and KO's her with a quick right hook. Serena then immediately takes off Wonder Womyn's belt. Wonder Womyn is now without her superheroine powers and is left weak without her belt. Serena ragdolls and KO's Wonder Womyn the entire match. Wonder Womyn pleads for her belt back and that she is so weak. Serena talks alot of trash to Wonder Womyn and calls her pathetic and a joke of a superheroine. Wonder Womyn also has a wardrobe malfunction at the beginning of the match and is dominated with her breast exposed for the entire video which adds to her humiliation. Serena is finally done toying with Wonder Womyn and leaves her KO'ed in the center of the room. She continues to talk trash as Wonder Womyn lays there KO'ed and humiliated. Holds featured are bodyscissors and bearhug combo, sleeperhold, multiple different headscissors holds, choke with opponents own arms, bodyscissors, and more. Approximately 24 minutes.