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Miranda VS Kimberly 7

This video features Miranda VS Kimberly in 3 seperate matches. Both ladies wrestle in lingerie in all 3 matches. In the first match Kimberly takes control early with a standing headscissors and even resorts to some cheating to choke out Miranda with a shirt. Miranda later is able to gain the advantage with holds of her own and returns the favor as she chokes out Kimberly with a shirt. In the next match Miranda is completely dominated with belly, breast, and back punches until she is finally KO'ed. She even uses a breast claw and bearhug to wear out Miranda more. And in the last match Miranda brings the male for some help as they double team Kimberly for the final KO using holds such as sleeperhold and armbar combo, sleeperhold and bodyscissors combo, backstretch and belly claw combo, and more. The video is in high resolution. Approximately 20 minutes.