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Melina VS Kimberly 7

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This videos features a match between Melina and Kimberly. Melina is in a skimpy black dress and Kimberly is a pink top and jeans. There is nothing on Melinas's mind in this match other than revenge and humiliating Kimberly to the extreme just like Kimberly did to her in their 6th match. Melina wants to destruct Kimberly's breast to the extreme. Melina gets the early advantage but then Kimberly takes control and KO's Melina. She attempts to go for some more breast destructions but Melina awakens suddenly. Melina grabs Kimberly by the neck and chokes her out. Then Melina decides to strip Kimberly of her top leaving her completely exposed. Melina does have trouble with her skimpy black dress as ever time she leans over both her massive breasts tend to keep popping out as she doesn't notce as her mind is on humiliating Kimberly. Kimberly tries to stay covered as she is put into holds but it just becomes way too hard as she is put into holds and she cannot keep her breasts covered. Melina uses multiple holds and does multiple breast smothers to wear out Kimberly. After multiple different holds and multiple breasts smothers Kimberly is knocked out for the final time in the match. Kimberly is completely humiliated. Other holds featured are headlocks, mutliple different headscissors holds, dragon sleeper, sleeperhold, chokes, backbreaker, and more. Approximately 19 minutes.