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Melina VS Kimberly 6

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This videos features a match between Melina and Kimberly. Melina is in a skimpy lime green one piece swimsuit and Kimberly is in a colorful two piece swimsuit. There is nothing on Kimberly's mind in this match other than revenge and humiliating Melina to the extreme. Melina has won the last 2 matches and completely humiliated Kimberly. Kimberly's experience shows in this match and ends up being the most humiliating match dominated by Kimberly. The entire match Kimberly gets in control and stays in control. Her objectives are to place Melina in multiple holds and deliver multiple breast claws for a very long 19 minutes of punishment. And thats exactly what happens as Melina is completely humiliated and exposed this entire match. After multiple different holds and multiple breasts claws Melina is worn out. And then there is a final double breast claw by Kimberly and Melina slowly is knockout out and finished. Kimberly pins her for the 3-count and the win. Melina probably should of known not to humiliate a more experienced wrestler than her. Thus the result being her receiving complete humiliation. Other holds featured are dragon sleeper, bodyscissors, iron claw hold, breast scissors, various different headscissor holds, and more. Approximately 19 minutes.