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Melina VS Kimberly 4

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video is a rematch between Melina and Kimberly. Melina is in a red slingshot and Kimberly is in a light blue slingshot. Melina talks to the camera on how humiliating the previous match was and she wants her revenge. Melina losing her first 3 matches to Kimberly decides to warm up before Kimberly arrives by doing stretches and jumping jacks. Her slingshot is too tiny and her massive natural breasts keep popping out as they bounce during the jumping jacks. The match starts and Melina gets in a quick stomatch punch that drops Kimberly onto the floor and she ends up accidently slamming her head onto the steel sheet that instantley KO's her. Now its Melina that will ragdoll Kimberly and get her revenge as she does not go for the pin and ragdolls and toys with Kimberly. She also decides to headslam Kimberly's head onto the steel sheet multiple times. She talks trash to Kimberly. Both ladies breasts do not stay in their slingshots and keep popping out the entire match. Melina keeps it sporty for the entire match and tucks Kimberly's exposed breasts back in. Melina gets the 3-count pin and her revenge by humiliating Kimberly. Other holds featured are headscissors, sleeperholds, breast smothers, chinlock and more. Approximately 12 minutes.