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Melina VS Kimberly 3

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a match between Melina and Kimberly. Melina is in a red slingshot and Kimberly is in a blue slingshot. At the very beginning of the match Melina discusses with Kimberly that they will agree to have good sportsmanship in this match and if a breast pops out to help out the opponent and tuck it back in. Obviously both ladies were not able to keep thier breasts in place wearing the slingshots. The match ends up being a squash as Kimberly gives a headslam onto the steel sheet to Melina and she is completely knocked out. Kimberly can pin her right there but decides to ragdoll Melina throughout the match. Melina receives multiple headslams onto the steel sheet throughout the match. Melina twitches and convulses throughout the match from the punishment she is receiving. Kimberly talks trash to Melina. Surprisingly Kimberly is good to her word and tucks Melina back in when here massive natural breasts are popping out the entire match. Finally Kimberly pins Melina for the 3-count. Other holds featured are sleeperholds, bearhugs, breast smothers, chokes, headscissors, and more. Approximately 18 minutes.