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Melina VS Kimberly 2

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a match between Melina and Kimberly. Melina is in a yellow micro bikini and Kimberly is in a blue micro bikini. Melina ignores how Kimberly cheated to win the last match and keeps it sporty. They start off with a test of strength and have the competition twice with both ladies getting a win. Then the wrestling starts. Both ladies have trouble keeping their breasts in their micro bikinis throughout the match. Again suprisingly this match is even throughout with both ladies having a chance to win. Kimberly's experience wins again as she applies a handsmother that Melina is unable to get out of and is KO'ed. Kimberly then pins her for the 10-count grapevine pin leaving Melina knocked out and spread eagle. Other holds featured are various different headscissors holds, various different breast smothers, back rake, breast claws, camel clutch, and more. Approximately 18 minutes.