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Melina Boxing 1 POV

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 2 matches between Melina and you in POV boxing matches. In the first match Melina is in a red bikini. She completely dominates you in this boxing match. She knocks you down multiple times with face and belly punches. She is talking a lot of trash to you. You are completely humiliated. To finish you off she applies a breast smother to KO you. She keeps talking trash to you while you are KO'ed. In the second match Melina is in a blue micro bikini top and white bottoms. You get your revenge on Melina. You keep knocking her down. You punch her face and belly. Then decide to give her massive breasts some breast punches. A couple of times you grab a hold of Melina and give one of her breasts multiple punches. Melina is even more humiliated as both her breasts are popped out her top almost the entire match. One final punch and Melina is KO'ed. You decide to have some fun with Melina while she is KO'ed and give each of her massive breasts some punches to add to Melina's humiliation. Approximately 18 minutes.