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The Masked Diva VS The Masked Mauler

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a mixed match between The Masked Diva and The Masked Mauler. The Masked Diva is sick and tired of The Masked Mauler always being the winner of most matches and is here to show how an experienced pro wrestler will end that streak. Well a quick kick to the stomach of The Masked Diva and a DDT onto the steel pan KO's The Masked Diva and impact pops out both of her massive natural breasts for the rest of the match. The Masked Diva becomes a convulsing and twitching mess for the rest of the match and adding to the humiliation is that her exposed massive breasts are jiggling from every twitch and convulsion. The Masked Mauler continues to ragdoll her with multiple holds and multiple DDTs onto the steel pan. The Masked Mauler also does many fake pin attempts. Eventually he decides to pin her for the 3 count and the victory. A very embrasssing and humiliating loss for a pro wrestler as she is KO'ed, exposed, twitching, convulsing, and spread eagle. Its a good thing she decided on wearing a mask. Holds featured are camel clutch, skull crusher, chokes, headscissors, head punches, thumb to the neck nerve hold, sleeperhold, and more. Approximately 16 minutes.