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Pro Wrestler Lisa King VS Axa

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a pro wrestling match between former WWE Diva Lisa King (aka Lisa Taylor) VS Axa. Both ladies wrestle in bikinis and it is a no DQ match as announced by ref Pippa. The ladies shake hands and the match is underway. Axa does a quick eye rake moments into the match leaving Lisa blind and unable to see. She grabs the ring bell and nails Lisa on the head that instantly KO's her. The impact of the blow and Lisa hitting the mat causes her entire right breast to pop free out of her bikini. And what results the rest of the way is one of the most humiliating matches ever done to a pro wrestler. Axa uses multiple holds that now have Lisa twitching, convulsing, and spread eagle most of the match. Ref Pippa pleads with Axa the entire match to do the sporty thing and give Lisa some dignity and cover up her breast. Axa refuses to and sometimes toys with ref Pippa and makes fun of Lisa's exposed breast by pretending to cover it up only to refuse to. Even while Axa has Lisa in hold like a back stretch she use her footage to play with Lisa's exposed breast. Very humiliating. Ref Pippa begs Axa to just end the match and Axa does some intentional 2 count fake kickout pins. Leaving ref Pippa mad but there is nothing she can do as it is a no DQ match. Axa even applies multiple breast claws to Lisa causing her to twitch and convulse even more adding to her humiliation. After dominating Lisa for a very long time Axa has had enough and pins her for the 3 count. Ref Pippa escorts Axa to the locker room to make sure she doesn't go back into the ring to punish Lisa any further. Lisa is left flat on the mats spread eagle and exposed. Eventually she awakens unaware of what happened and then figures it out and talks to the camera man that she has never been dominated like this before in her career. She is still unaware that her entire right breast is exposed. The camera man tells her that she has suffered a wardrobe malfunction and she looks downs humiliated and covers up and is enraged at ref Pippa and Axa for not covering her and can't believe she was exposed the entire match. She says this is the most humiliating match of her career and vows revenge on Axa and ref Pippa. Approximately 27 minutes.