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Lacey VS Kimberly 5

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This videos features a match between Lacey and Kimberly. After just humiliating Lacey for 2 straight matches Kimberly goes into this match treating it as a joke like its Halloween and dresses up as Princess Leia. Lacey is in a sexy black leather outfit with boots and is not treating this as a joke and is prepared. Right when the match starts Lacey catches Kimberly into a cobra clutch that KO's Kimberly and leaves her twitching. Lacey decides to give Kimberly some of her own medicine and unstraps the back of Kimberly's Princess Leia bra. From then on Lacey puts a barely conscious Kimberly in multiple holds only to KO her over and over again until she throws her onto the ground and once again Kimberly twtiches after each KO. Lacey knowing her cobra clutch works so effectively puts Kimberly into 4 cobra clutches during the match. She even uses the chain on Kimberly's Princess Leia outfit to choke Kimberly with. While Kimberly is in holds and because her Princess Leia bra is untied in the back and loose it keeps shifting allover the place exposing Kimberly's breasts. Lacey also has trouble staying in her top. Lacey gets the final KO and pins Kimberly for the 3-count for the pin. She then flips Kimberly over and removes her top and dangles it over her adding to Kimberly's humiliation. Other holds featured are sleeperholds, bearhugs, chinlock, headscissors, backstretch, full nelson, and more. Approximately 21 minutes.