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Lacey VS Kimberly 4

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions and Topless. This videos features 2 matches between Lacey and Kimberly. In the first match Lacey is in black lingerie and Kimberly is in a revealing purple one piece bikini. Its been a while since the two fought each other and Kimberly was out to humiliate Lacey. Kimberly dominates from start to finish using backstretching holds by pulling on Lacey's hair and putting her in backbreakers and giving her belly and breast punches. While using other holds such as sleeperholds. Lacey and Kimberly both have trouble staying in the tops. Then Kimberly to add furthur humiliation pulls down Lacey's bra straps and reveals her breasts leaving Lacey completely topless. Kimberly puts a double claw on Lacey's topless breasts and then puts her into another backbreaker with belly punches and breasts punches to her exposed breasts until Lacey submits. Lacey is left on the floor topless and completely exhausted as she tries to cover up her humiliation. In the next match Lacey is in a white and purple bikini and Kimberly is in leopard lingerie. Lacey goes into the match thinking revenge and right off the bat gets Kimberly into a choke hold on the sofa and unties Kimberlys leopard top. Kimberly is able to escape and then dominate Lacey throughout the match by putting her into multiple holds to wear her out. Kimberly's now untied top keeps on shifting exposing her breasts. Lacey has the same problem as she cannot stay in her top. Kimberly gets the final KO and 3-count pin for the victory. Holds featured are iron claw hold, chinlock and bodyscissors combo, dragon sleeper, sleeperholds, bearhugs, headscissors, chokes, chinlock, and more. Approximately 17 minutes.