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Lacey VS Kimberly

This video features 3 matches between Lacey and Kimberly. They change into new wardrobes after each match. In the first match Lacey is in jean shorts and a tank top and Kimberly is in a school girl outfit. Lacey starts off by telling Kimberly that she is tired of being a nice girl and ready to kick some butt. Kimberly laughs and tells her that she saw how Serena kicked her butt and she will do the same to her. The action is even with one lady eventually getting the KO on their opponent for the win. In the second match both ladies wear lingerie. After back and forth action, that is even down to the end, one lady eventually gets a submission on their opponent for the win. And the last match both ladies wear bikinis. Again the action is even down to the end with both ladies getting KO's on each other. One lady eventually gets the final KO on their opponent and a grapevine 5-count pin for the victory. There is a lot of trash talking throughout the whole video. Holds featured are sleeperholds, bodyscissors and choke combo, dragon sleeper, chokes, various different types of headscissor and bodyscissor holds, backbreaker, belly punches, bearhugs, various types of backstretches, and more. Approximately 30 minutes.