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Kimberly VS The Masked Mauler 3 POV

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a POV match between Kimberly and the Masked Mauler. You see the match from the Masked Mauler's point of view. Kimberly is in sheer black lingerie. The match starts with Kimberly telling the Masked Mauler that she is tired of being beat by him in all their matches and that she is going to take care of him this time. But once again as soon as the Masked Mauler grabs a hold of Kimberly she ends up dominated and humiliated with multiple KO's. Kimberly's choice of outfit also causes a problem as it never seems to stay in place adding to the humiliation of being dominated by her male opponent. Holds featured are iron claw hold, backbreaker, chokes, armbars, headscisssors, and more. Approximately 23 minutes.