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Kimberly VS The Masked Mauler

Warning--Video contains Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a match between Kimberly and The Masked Mauler. Kimberly wrestles in a micro blue bikini and black knee high boots. Kimberly is completely dominated and humiliated the entire match. She is KO'ed multiple times only to be awaken and KO'ed over and over again. The Masked Mauler adds to the domination by delivering 2 piledrivers to Kimberly onto the steel sheet. The Masked Mauler finally pins Kimberly for the 3-count and the match is over. Once the match is over and Kimberly awakens she approaches The Masked Mauler and gives him a slap to the face. Which is a huge mistake as then The Masked Mauler decides to dominate and humiliate Kimberly even more clearly after the match is over. Kimberly is KO'ed many more times. The match ends with The Masked Mauler having Kimberly in an iron claw hold as she is flat on her back and spread eagle. The Masked Mauler refuses to let go of the hold clearly after Kimberly is KO'ed. Holds and moves featured are sleeperholds, iron claw hold, piledrivers, chokes, elbow grind to the stomach, headscissors, torture rack, boston crab, camel clutch, bearhugs, and more. Approximately 23 minutes.