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Kimberly VS The Masked Diva 3

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a steel pan rematch between Kimbery and The Masked Diva. Kimberly is in sheer black lingerie and The Masked Diva is in a very loose one piece bikini. Kimberly furious that she was humiliated in their last steel pan match has a plan. The match starts as the other did with The Masked Diva in control with a bearhug. Kimberly strategically placed the steel pan in front of her before the match started. While in the bearhug Kimberly grabs the steel pan and smacks it on The Masked Diva's head KO'ing her instantly. From then on The Masked Diva is KO'ed as Kimberly gets her revenge by putting her in multiple holds and multiple slams to the head using the steel pan. Around the middle of the match The Masked Diva starts to twitch and convulse throughout the rest of the match. Added to her humiliaton is that both of her massive natural breasts have popped out of her one piece and are jiggling with every twitch and convulsion. Kimberly plays the sympathetic part for a few times and covers one of her two exposed breasts just to tease her. And at the very end just like The Masked Diva had done to her Kimberly plays with The Masked Diva's swimsuit straps by covering her breasts and then uncovering them and then deciding to leave one exposed. The Masked Diva is KO'ed, spread eagle, and humiliated. Holds featured are bearhugs, sleeperholds, headscissors, iron claw hold, skull crusher, thumb to the neck nerve hold, dragon sleeper, and more. Approximately 21 minutes.