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Kimberly VS The Masked Diva 2

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a steel pan match between Kimbery and The Masked Diva. Kimberly is in a red slingshot and The Masked Diva is in a bra top and hot shorts. Kimberly demands it be a steel pan match because she is sick of The Masked Diva's unsportsmanlike behavior. The Masked Diva asks Kimberly why is she wearing such a tiny outfit and Kimberly says because she has nothing to worry about as she is going to dominate her in this match. Well that turns out to be a huge mistake as a quick kick to Kimberly's stomach and a headslam onto the steel pan and Kimberly is KO'ed and unconscious the remainder of the match. Instead of The Masked Diva taking the quick 3 count she decides to ragdoll Kimberly. She puts her in multiple holds as Kimberly is unconscious and does several more headslams onto the steel pan. Obviously Kimberly is not going to be able to stay in her red slingshot while being ragdolled and The Masked Diva makes fun at Kimberly's breasts being exposed. But she seems to turn a corner and show a little sympathy and decides to cover Kimberly breasts on occasion. Only to have Kimberly popout again once put into another hold. And at the very end when The Masked Diva gets the 3 count she goes right back to her unsportsmanlike ways and starts playing with Kimberly's slingshot strap and moving it back and forth over her right breast deciding whether to cover her up or to leave her exposed. And obviously she ends up deciding to leave her exposed. Kimberly is KO'ed, exposed, and humiliated once again. Holds featured are backstretch, backbreaker, sleeperhold, choking Kimberly with her own two arms on multiple occasions, boston crab, chokes, claw to the belly, and more. Approximately 19 minutes.