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Kimberly VS The Masked Diva

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 2 matches between Kimberly and The Masked Diva. The Masked Diva is a popular indy pro wrestler and wanted to wrestle for femmixwrestling on the condition she wear a mask because of the skimpier attire we use instead of standard pro wrestling gear. And because of the possibility of wardrobe malfunctions. We agreed on the details and she ended up doing many wonderful videos. In the first match Kimberly is in a light green dress and The Masked Diva is in a black bikini. Surprisingly the match is even throughout as both ladies get KO'ed multiple times. Both ladies have trouble staying in their tops. They even make fun of their KO'ed opponent's wardrobe malfunctions. The Masked Diva is starting get upset that the match is so even and with her pro wrestling experience is able to take control and KO Kimberly and get the 3 count. And in a very unsportsmanlike manner she grabs Kimberly's top as she is KO'ed and pulls it to the side exposing Kimberly's entire right breast. Kimberly is KO'ed, exposed, and humiliated to end the match. Holds featured are camel clutch, boston crab, dragon sleeper, iron claw hold, sleeperholds, headscissors, bearhug, chokes, back stretches, and more. In the second match Kimberly is in a yellow micro bikini and The Masked Diva is in a leopard bikini. Kimberly is standing around waiting for The Masked Diva and again in an unsportsmanlike manner she attacks Kimberly from behind and chokes her for several minutes with a bikini top. Kimberly again is having trouble staying in her micro bikini. Kimbery is almost KO'ed multiple times but is able to fight it off and evenutally lands a surprising low blow to The Masked Diva that leaves her stunned and hurt and then puts her straight into a sleeperhold. The Masked Diva is trying to fight it off but is unable to escape and starts to twitch and convulse. Adding to her humiliation is that her leopard bikini top has ridden up on her while in the sleeperhold exposing both of her massive breasts. The Masked Diva is now the one KO'ed, exposed, and humiliated. Approximately 26 minutes.