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Kimberly / Miranda Mixed Wrestling 2

This video features Kimberly and Miranda wrestling against the male in 4 seperate matches. The ladies wrestle in different lingerie sets the entire match. The first match is Miranda against the male. Miranda is completely dominated and KO'ed multiple times using a bearhug, sleeperhold, and more. The next match is Kimberly against the male. Once again the male dominates the entire match and Kimberly is KO'ed mutliple times with chinlocks, anklelocks, sleeperhold, headscissors, bearhug, torture rack, backbreaker, and more. In the third match Miranda gives in another try but the male once again completely dominates her again with multiple KO's using chinlocks, sleeperholds, backbreakers, and more. And in the final match Kimberly finally is able to take control for the ladies as she sneaks up on the male and dominates the male with multiple KO's using choke holds, headscissors, and even uses a bra to choke the male to finally gain a win for the ladies. The video is in high resolution. Approximately 25 minutes.