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Pro Wrestler Jessie VS Serena 2

This video features a match between Pro Wrestler Jessie and Serena. Jessie is in a pink and black zebra bikini and Serena is in a royal blue bikini. Jessie requested a rematch after Serena defeated her in their previous match. And once again, suprisingly, Serena gets the easy KO and 3-count pin to start off the match. After awakening from her KO Jessie gets her second wind and has greater focus and dominates the rest of match. To prove that their last match was a fluke Jessie humiliates and KO's Serena multiple times. She pins her multiple times for the 3-count. Jessie talks a lot of trash during the match while dominating Serena. Holds featured are abdominal stretch, backstretch, torture rack, belly claw, sleeperholds, headscissors, iron claw hold, camel clutch, and more. Approximately 21 minutes.