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Pro Wrestler Jessie VS The Masked Mauler

This video features a match between Pro Wrestler Jessie and The Masked Mauler. Jessie wrestles in a sexy red corset and jean shorts. Jessie is completely squashed and humiliated in this match. The Masked Mauler could easily go for the pin after the first KO but decides to humiliate Jessie for a lengthy period of time. The Masked Mauler uses many nerve holds and heart punches and even dominates Jessie with the use of the steel sheet. Jessie is left spread eagle, convulsing, and twitching for most of the match from the punishment received from the nerve holds, heart punches, and the steel sheet. The Masked Mauler delivers to Jessie a total of 3 DDTs onto the steel sheet, 5 heart punches, 2 thumb to the neck nerve holds, 5 head slams onto the steel sheet, and 1 claw to the trapezius nerve hold. Jessie also receives bearhugs, full nelsons, sleeperholds, and the Masked Mauler even resorts to choking Jessie with the steel sheet. Mercifully, when the Masked Mauler has decided he has delivered enough punishment, he pins Jessie for the 3-count. Approximately 23 minutes.