Pro Wrestlers Little Jeannie vs Lady Victoria

This match is between Pro Wrestlers Little Jeannie and Lady Victoria. Little Jeannie is in a red outfit that was a small bra and booty shorts. Lady Victoria is in a black bra and thong. At first action is back and forth but Lady Victoria starts dominating leaving Little Jeannie KO'ed and convulsing many times. Very humiliating. Figure four leg locks, grapevines, headscissors, iron claw holds, sleeperholds, and more.. Lots of trash talking!! The ending that has Jeannie KO'ed and convulsing uncontrollably when Lady Victoria places her foot on Jeannie's throat against the corner of the wall and chokes her out and refuses to let go of the hold as Jeannie convulses while in hold and even when the hold is let go. An awesome video!! Approximately 34 minutes.