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Hollie VS Melina 3

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This videos features a rematch between Hollie and Melina. Hollie is a blue micro bikini and Melina is in a red micro bikini. Both ladies are out to humiliate their opponent in this match. They don't care about their wardrobe choices. When their breasts pop out of their top they don't bother to cover up. They get KO'ed exposed with both breasts out. They are just focused on humiliating each other. Both ladies use wrestling holds during the first part of the match. The last half of the match they use multiple different Oriental Spike carotid artery nerve holds to get their opponent twitching and convulsing. Both ladies become a twitching and convulsing mess while in the holds. Hollie first resorts to the nerve holds and looks as if she has Melina beaten as in succession she knocks out Melina with an iron claw hold and then applies an Oriental Spike nerve hold to Melina's neck that has her twitching and convulsing with her massive breast popped out of her top adding to the humiliaton. Looks like Hollie has her beat but in one of the most humilating holds ever she gets an unconscious Melina up and applies the Oriental Spike nerve hold to Melina's massive exposed breast. Melina is twitching convulsing and looks finsihed and she is completely humiliated. In future matches she needs to watch out for the Oriental Spike hold to her breast as her opponents are sure to take advantage of that weakness she has. Melina does recover from Hollie's overconfidence and not putting Melina away as Melina applies her own Oriental Spike holds to the neck and temple and even applies a trapezius claw nerve hold all which have Hollie twitching and convulsing and with both her breasts exposed. More nerve holds by Melina and Hollie is finished and humiliated. Melina then toys with Hollie and applies an Oriental Spike nerve hold when Hollie is Ko'ed on her stomach. Releases the hold, applies it again and so on so she can watch Hollie twitch and convluse and make fun of her. She then turns Hollie over on her back with both her breasts completely exposed to add the ultimate humiliation. Melina's experience was just too much for Hollie and she was going to make sure Hollie was humiliated in every way possible. Approximately 20 minutes.