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Hollie VS Melina 2

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This videos features a rematch between Hollie and Melina. Hollie is an purple thong bikini and Melina is in a black thong bikini. Its pretty obvious Hollie has revenge on her mind and is out to humilate Melina. Both ladies give interviews at the beginning with Hollie saying she is so pissed off at Melina for what she did to her and wants another match to prove she is the hottest rookie and better wrestler than her. Melina calls her a dumb girl and if she thought last time was bad this will be worse and its her rules and its a no rules street fight. They circle each other and talk trash and curse at each other. Again the entire match ends up that way with trash talking and cursing just like their first match. Again the match is pretty even with each lady trying to get a submission and telling their opponent to submit. Melina looks to be on the verge of another huge win as she resorts to choking Hollie with a towel and then she slams Hollie's head onto a foot sofa and Hollie looks finished. Melina even pulls gets her phone and takes photos of what she thinks will be a defeated Hollie. Hollie catches her with a surprise elbow to the stomach that leaves Melina on the ground gasping for air. Hollie takes control and eventually gets her into a figure four headscissors. Hollie tells Melina to submit until she eventually submits. Hollie tells her she doesn't care she submitted as this is a no rules street fight. Hollie then gets her in an extended backstretch and Melina is to weak to continue and passes out and is KO'ed while in the hold. Hollie gets the 5 count for the pin. She then in the most humiliating fashion takes Melins's bikini top off and twirls it in the air and takes it home as a trophy. And tells Melina looks like this girl grew up and kicked your ass and thanks her for the bikini top trophy. Other holds and moves featured are backbreaker and breast claw combo, bearhugs, sleeperhold, bodyscissors, and more. Approximately 18 minutes.