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Hollie VS Melina

Warning--Video Contains Wardrobe Malfunctions. This videos features a match between Hollie and Melina. Hollie is in black bikini and Melina is in black lingerie. Melina is on the couch laying around as Hollie walks in and says that she heard that Melina was one of the best wrestlers around here and that she destroyed Heather and wants a bigger challenge and a piece of Melina. Melina says that Hollie is a rookie and she is crazy if she thinks she will beat a wrestler like Melina. They start of with a test of strength that Melina wins but from then on out the match ends up being pretty even. There is so much trash talking and cursing in this match. The dominator talks a lot of trash and the receiver of the punishment does a lot of complaining. Melina eventually applies a dragon sleeper and bodyscissors combo and she tells Hollie to pass out. Hollie continues to fight and Melina applies a breast smother with her massive natural breasts. An obvious go to move for her. She gets the knock out and the 5 count pin for the win. She looks at Hollie and gives her credit for having a lot of spirit but she never had a chance against a real woman like her. Other holds and moves featured are belly punches, back stretches, bearhug with opponents arms, camel clutches, full nelson, cobra clutch, and more. Approximately 15 minutes.