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Hollie VS Heather 4

This video features a match between Hollie and Heather. Hollie is in a blue, green, and black bikini and Heather is in a green bikini. Heather hasn't shown up to the match so Hollie brags about how easy it was beating Heather in their boxing match. Heather in the meantime grabs one of Hollie's boots from the dressing room and blind sides her by hitting her in the head with the boot. Hollie is instantly KO'ed and Heather can take the 3-count if she wants. But decides to punish Hollie even more for embarassing her in their boxing match. She even gets on top of Hollie and chokes her with Hollie's own boot. Heather has thrown out the rule book for this match and wants her revenge. Hollie begins to twitch while being placed in multiple holds including the thumb to the neck nerve hold to finish Hollie off and pins her for the easy 1-2-3. Hollie is completely destroyed and humiliated. Other holds featured are skull crusher, sleeperhold, headscissors, chinlock, iron claw hold, dragon sleeper, bearhug and more. Approximately 13 minutes.