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Pro Wrestler Hellena VS The Masked Mauler 6

This video features a rematch between Pro Wrestler Hellena and The Masked Mauler. Hellena decides to wear a micro orange bikini top in this match in hopes of using her massive breasts as an advantage to beat The Masked Mauler. She actually luckily wears another micro bikini top under the orange micro bikini top in hopes that if the plan backfires that she is not left exposed. Which ends up being a good idea for her. The plan actually starts to work as at the beginning of the match Hellena KO's The Masked Mauler twice with two long and extended breasts smothers. It looks like Hellena has figured out how to beat The Masked Mauler. Right after the second KO she lets her guard down and The Masked Mauler grabs a hold of her massive left breast with a breast claw and Hellena is slowly weakend and unable to recover. She is once again put into multiple breast claws while in holds and many double breast claw holds that end up KO'ing her. The Masked Mauler is clearly not happy with being KO'ed twice in the match and makes Hellena pay. Hellena is again destroyed, humiliated, and twitching and convulsing. Other holds featured are dragon sleeper, iron claw hold, sleeperhold, double breasts scissorhold, cobra clutch, and more. Approximately 12 minutes.