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Pro Wrestler Hellena VS The Masked Mauler 4

This video features a rematch between Pro Wrestler Hellena and The Masked Mauler. Hellena is in a purple one piece bikini. During the match The Masked Mauler figures out Hellena's main weakness and that is having her massive breasts clawed and destructed. The Masked Mauler takes advantage of this and puts Hellena in multiple holds while also applying a breast claw at the same time. Hellena is KO'ed multiples times and end up twitching and convulsing throughout the match. Just lengthy breasts claws alone also have an easy time of KO'ing Hellena. As the match goes on Hellena's zipper on her one piece bikini keeps riding lower and lower and almost exposes her massive breasts completely. Hellena is completely destroyed and humiliated in this match. Other holds featured are dragon sleeper, headscissors, neck snaps, hammerlock, and more. Approximately 12 minutes.