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Pro Wrestler Hellena VS The Masked Mauler 2

Warning--Video Contains Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a rematch between Pro Wrestler Hellena and The Masked Mauler. Hellena wrestles in a sexy one piece blue swimsuit. Hellena is once again completely squashed and humiliated in this match. The match is over very quickly once again but the The Masked Mauler again refuses to pin Hellena and does many fake pin kickouts. The Masked Mauler takes control and focuses on punishing Hellena's breasts for the majority of the match. The are multiple single and double punches to Hellena's breasts. He even grinds into Hellena's breasts after each punch and even uses some elbow grinds. The impact of many of the breasts punches cause Hellena to have one of her boobs come free and exposed multiple times adding to her humiliation. The Masked Mauler decides to also deliver 3 straight piledrivers to Hellena onto the steel sheet and also use the steel sheet to punish Hellena's breasts even further. Then decides to deliver 3 straight DDTs to Hellena onto the steel sheet. Hellena is left spread eagle, convulsing, and twitching for most of the match. Other holds used are iron claw hold, sleeperhold, breast scissors, thumb to the neck nerve hold, and more. Mercifully, when the Masked Mauler has decided he has delivered enough punishment, he pins Hellena for the 3-count. Approximately 21 minutes.