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Pro Wrestler Hellena VS The Masked Mauler

This video features a match between Pro Wrestler Hellena and The Masked Mauler. Hellena wrestles in a sexy one piece brown swimsuit. Hellena is completely squashed and humiliated in this match. The match is over very quickly but the The Masked Mauler refuses to pin Hellena and does many fake pin kickouts. The Masked Mauler uses many heart punches and even dominates Hellena with the use of the steel sheet. He places the steel sheet over the breasts of an unconsious Hellena, climbs and jumps of of the couch, and delivers a crushing punch to the steel sheet that crushes her breasts. Then continues to deliver more punches to the steel sheet while punishing Hellena's breasts. He even gives Hellena multiple head slams onto the steel sheet. Hellena is left spread eagle, convulsing, and twitching for most of the match from the punishment received from the heart punches and use of the steel sheet. Other holds used are bearhug, crossface, sleeperhold, backbreaker, headscissors, dragon sleeper, iron claw hold, and more. Mercifully, when the Masked Mauler has decided he has delivered enough punishment, he pins Hellena for the 3-count. Approximately 13 minutes.