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Hailey VS Kimberly 9

This video is 2 seperate matches featuring Hailey VS Kimberly. Kimberly's abs get a full workout and pounding in this video. In the first match Hailey uses a full nelson and arm choke to keep Kimberly down. Kimberly uses her abs to try to get out but with no success. The second match starts with Hailey tickling Kimberly and for every time Kimberly laughs she gets a belly punch. Then Hailey asks Kimberly to do some proper crunches. Kimberly messes up a few of them and receives more belly punches for messing up. Hailey then decides to do the crunches with Kimberly to show her the proper form. Kimberly continues to mess up and Hailey decides to belly punching her until she is KO'ed. Approximately 18 minutes.