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Hailey VS Kimberly 13

Warning--Video contains Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 2 matches between Hailey and Kimberly. In the first match Hailey is in peach lingerie and Kimberly is in white and black lingerie. Kimberly walks in on Hailey doing situps. The ladies agree to a match to whoever strips their opponent down to their thong is declared the winner of the match. The match is even throughout with Kimberly eventually getting the win. Holds featured are chinlocks, test of strength, full nelson, reverse headscissors, boston crab, and more. In the second match the ladies both wrestle in similar black lingerie outfits. Kimberly controls very little of the match as she is able to KO Hailey. Hailey ends up taking control and KO's Kimberly multiple times. Holds featured are chinlocks, sleeperholds, bodyscissors and chinlock combo, headscissors, dragon sleeper, and more. Approximately 24 minutes.