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Pro Wrestler Genesis VS Melina 3

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a rematch between Pro Wrestler Genesis vs Melina. Genesis is in a pink bikini and Melina is in a colorful black bikini. Genesis took their last match lightly and with some cheating by Melina she ended up losing in a shocking upset. Genesis has one thing in mind and that is humiliating and destorying Melina to the extreme in the match. Genesis this time shows Melina that she knows all the pro wrestling tricks and gives Melina an eye rake of her own and a quick KO. Its over for Melina from there as she is KO'ed multiple times. Genesis again shows her strength and lifts Melina in certain holds. Genesis even brings out a towel to choke Melina and gives her 3 headslams to the steel pan. Adding to Melina's humiliation is that her entire breast keeps popping out. Genesis talks alot of trash to Melina. For the final few KO's Melina begins to twitch as the destruction starts to show. Genesis gets the easy 3-count. Other holds featured are sleeperholds, bearhugs, and more. Approximately 14 minutes.