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Pro Wrestler Genesis VS Melina 2

This video features a rematch between Pro Wrestler Genesis vs Melina. Genesis is in a pink bikini and Melina is in a blue bikini. Melina knows there is no way she is going to match Genesis's strength and beat her fairly. So she decides to cheat as when they lock up she suprisingly catches Genesis with an eye rake in which Genesis is unable to recover from. Melina takes advantage of the situation and KO's Genesis multiple times. Melina is now doing all the trash talking in this match. In order to get the 3-count she will need a little more of an advantage so she brings out the steel pan. Melina places it on the couch and drives Genesis's head into it 3 times. She can easily get the 3-count pin now but decides to place the steel pan on the floor and give Genesis 3 more headslams for added humiliation. Genesis is completely out and pinned for the 3-count in a shocking victory for Melina. Holds featured are bodyscissors, chinlock, sleeperhold, bearhug, and more. Approximately 11 minutes.