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Eliana VS Serena 4

Warning--Video contains Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video is a rematch between Eliana and Serena. Both ladies wrestle in micro bikinis. Serena decides to bring out her steel sheet and use it once again in a match. Serena absolutely destroys Eliana in this match. Serena rams Eliana's head into a steel sheet just as the match starts and KO's her immediately. Eliana remains KO'ed the entire match as Serena continues to ragdoll her and humiliate her. Eliana starts to twitch and convulse from the punishment but Serena continues to put a KO'ed Eliana into several holds and continues to slam her head into the steel sheet. And she continues talking trash to her. Holds featured are dragon sleeper, headscissors, sleeperhold, chinlock, and more. Serena also adds to the punishment by using the steel sheet to choke an already KO'ed Eliana. Then she even DDT's Eliana onto the steel sheet. And at the very end delivers to straight piledrivers to Eliana onto the steel sheet. The match is over and Serena continues to tease Eliana by putting her into a humiliating 3-count pin. Approximately 13 minutes.